Bar Resume

-“5 O´clock Somewhere Bar” Flair Bar inside Margaritaville Casino  - Caesars Entertainment – Las Vegas, Nevada. 2011 – Present.


-“Rock and Ritas” Flair Bar inside  Circus Circus Hotel and Casino – MGM - Las Vegas, Nevada. 2010 – 2011.


-Member of Kahunaville Flair Team inside Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. Las Vegas, Nevada. 2007 – 2010.


-Bartender and Flair shows for Conrad Hotel, Punta del Este, Uruguay. Summers of 2005, 2006, 2007 y 2008.


-Flair shows and bar catering for Shake & Show - Montevideo and Punta del Este, Uruguay. 2003 – 2007.


-Nightclubs: Oxido – Love – Cabildo - Mariachi. Montevideo, Uruguay.  2002 – 2003.


Experience organizing and judging bartending competitions.


-“Bols Around The World”. Bogotá, Colombia, November 2015.


-“Open Flair Da Vinci”. Cancún, México, May 2015.


-“Lvfa Championship”. Las Vegas, Usa, April 2014.


-“Flair for a Change”. Las Vegas, Usa, December 2013.


-“Open Flair Veroes”. Caracas, Venezuela, November 2013.


-“Vodka Karat Bartenders Tournament”. D.F, México, July 2012.


-“Jack Astors Bar Competition”. Toronto, Canada, June 2011.


-“Big Kahuna”. Las Vegas, Usa, July 2010.


-“I.B.A World Final”. San Juan, Puerto Rico, October 2008.


-“Cabildo Open Flair”. Montevideo, Uruguay, August 2008.


-“I.B.A Uruguay Finals”. Montevideo, Uruguay, September 2006.




-Flair show during Bols Around the World Competition. Bogotá, Colombia, November 2015.


-Flair show during Open Flair Da Vinci. Cancún, México, May 2015.


-Flair show for William Grant & Sons. Santiago, Chile, June 2014.


-Flair show for De Kuyper. Las Vegas, Usa, May 2014.


-Booth organization, bartender and flair shows for Fabbri 1905 during Bar and Nightclub Convention. Las Vegas, Usa, March 2014


-Flair shows for Fabbri 1905 during Sigep. Rimini Fiera, Italy, January 2014.


-Flair show during “Open Flair Veroes”. Caracas, Venezuela, November 2013.


-Drink menu design and flair show for Schweppes (launch onto the market party). Montevideo, Uruguay, May 2013,


-Drink menu design and flair show for Schweppes (launch onto the market party). Lima, Perú. August 2012.


-Flair show for Jack Daniels summer party. Punta del Este, Uruguay, January 2011.


-Guest Bartender and flair shows for Johnnie Walker. Moscow, Russia, October 2008.


-Flair shows for Bacardi during “Fiestas de Quito”. Quito, Ecuador, December 2007.


 -TV Advertising for Tress Plumas liquors. Bs. As., Argentina, April 2005. 


-Flair shows during Ballantine´s Summer Games, Punta del Este, January 2005.


-Flair Shows for Ron Estelar during “Fiestas de Quito”. Quito, Ecuador, December 2002. 


Most Important in Uruguay:


-Flair shows for Radisson Victoria Plaza Hotel 2003 to 2006.


-Flair shows at Barceló Salto and Punta del Este 2004 to 2006.


-Flair Shows representing different brands in Uruguay such as Bacardi, Master Blend and Ron del Navegante during 2003, 2004 and 2005.