Over 2000 bartenders have attended seminars held by Danilo all around the globe.

He has represented numerous brands giving bartending seminars for bartenders associations and bar staff.

Seminar Topics: become a well-rounded bartender, speed and efficiency, pour test, customer service, flair and mixology.


Bartending seminars and flair trainings around the world. 2004 - Present.


-Bols Liqueurs, Working Flair School and Cocktails & Co. Bogotá, Medellín and Cali, Colombia, November 2015.

-Audeb, (Asociación Uruguaya de Barmen). Montevideo, Uruguay, November 2015.

-Academia Innovatender Mixology. Cancún, México, May 2015.

-Organic Patagonia. Punta Arenas, Chile, July 2014.

-William Grant & Sons. Santiago, Chile, June 2014.

-Intercoctel Internacional. Lima, Perú. June 2014.

-The, Flair Project and Flair Parlour. Roma and Genova, Italy, January 2014.

-Ron Veroes and Caracas, Venezuela , November 2013.

-Audeb, (Asociación Uruguaya de Barmen). Montevideo, Uruguay, August  2013.

-Las Vegas Flair Academy sponsored by Fabbri and Finest Call. Las Vegas, Usa, June 2013.

-La Madrileña and D.F, México, July 2012.

-La Madrileña and Cancún, México, June 2012.

-EBA (Estonian Bartenders Association), Venus Club and Red Bull. Tallin, Stonia, May 2010.  Milan, Italy, March 2010.

-Havana Club. Berlin and Frankfurt, Germany, November 2009.

-Expertising and Chile Tabacos. Santiago, Chile, July 2009.

-Vodka Matrioshka.Moscow, Russia, April 2008.

-BCI (Bartenders Club Iceland), Finlandia Vodka and Bols liqueurs.Reykjavik, Iceland, April 2007. 

-Arba (Armenian Bartenders Association) and Chivas Regal. Yerevan, Armenia, December 2006.

-BCI (Bartenders Club Iceland), Finlandia Vodka and Bols liqueurs. Reykjavik, Iceland, April 2006. 

-Pisco Majes. Lima and Arequipa, Perú, August 2005.

-Flair trainer for Audeb (Uruguayan Bartenders Association). 2004 – 2005.